Precision Engineering

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Precision Engineering

Our modern extensively equipped workshop can produce high quality, low cost engineered components using a range of CNC machinery including lathes, milling machines and machining centres. We specialize in both large and small batch production and we are equally competitive at producing “one offs”, prototype and sample work in a wide range of alloys, plastics, stainless, mild and tool steels. Quality is our main priority and we like to maintain a close working relationship with our customers to ensure their standards and lead times are continually met and any problems that may arise are quickly rectified. All our work passes through a strict quality procedure in our inspection department using CMM measuring equipment and high tolerance gauges.

Design and Project Engineering

Our highly skilled engineers can provide full CAD design and onsite support services to customers old and new, overseeing projects from inception through to completion, using 3D modeling and cycle stimulation software, we can produce fully detailed and dimensional design proposal drawing for approval before commencement of work.
We always try to involve the customer throughout the duration of the project with periodic meetings both on and off site to discuss its progression and implement any necessary alterations/improvement before completion.
Lean manufacturing and process improvement plays an important role in today’s manufacturing environment, Metalcraft Group can identify key areas where cycle times and man power can be reduced through the introduction of automation, bespoke jigs and fixtures, work tables and material transfer equipment. The result is a leaner, more efficient, more profitable working method.

Machine Building

Obsolete and redundant machinery isn’t always destined for scrap the man especially when it can be refurbished or modified to perform a new role. Metalcraft Group can breathe new life into old equipment and fully rebuild it to the highest standard through the following process:

We can design and manufacture a variety of automated equipment including conveyors, folding, cutting, gluing and winding machines using pneumatic or hydraulic power with full PLC control if required. Program modifications can be performed on all industry standard control software such as Siemens, Alan Bradley and Mitsubishi.

Metalcraft Group can also offer a full onsite Commissioning, Support and maintenance service.

Health and Safety

We believe a company’s most valuable asset is its workforce, and a safe workforce is a happy, more dedicated, more profitable one, this makes Health and Safety a key issue in today’s shop floor environment.
Metalcraft Group works closely with customers both old and new to identify areas of possible risk and concern and we strive to meet their requirements to the highest standard via the design and manufacture of a wide range of protective equipment including: